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Fifteen year old Jordan Johnson, and his buddies, seek ways to make money in the small town of Bullard, Texas. They fight for territory in the streets, selling drugs that Jordan steals from his mother and using weapons that he finds in his fathers belongings. Jordan has no hope for a bright future, and Dillon, his little brother, is watching his every move.
Newly found friendships strike up throughout the town. From Julia, the beautiful waitress at 4-Way Cafe, who never meets a stranger, to the two retired couples who all love to dance Salsa.  They all feel God nudge at their hearts to intervene in Jordans life.
      Jordan strikes up a relationship with Allysa, who is looking for love in all the wrong places, because of being pushed aside at home. You will see God working in so many places at once, that your eyes will be open to more of this lost world. David, Jordans father in prison has the enemy trying to bring him down with his past haunting him. Jordan gets arrested and taken away from his home, along with Dillon, forcing their mother, Sondra, to think about life and realizing changes need to take place. The enemy strikes ag​ain , tempting Jordan, with an outcome of a horrific tragedy that changes the course of many lives.
       In this fatherless generation, so many are denying God because of how bad their lives have been; some think God would have nothingto do with them because of all the bad choices they have made. They are wrong. You will find yourself wanting to jump in to help. Laughing one minute and fighting the tears, the next. This action packed, suspenseful, humorous and heartwarming movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will be inspired and motivated to leave your comfort zone to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ! The Jesus in you is the only Jesus some people will ever see!