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Is God really the giver of second chances? Can He take a worthless, broken, and self-serving life and restore it with grace, mercy, forgiveness and love? Is he able to guide and direct someone facing impossible circumstances and lead them through to an amazing victorious climax? 
TAKE TWO is a true story about a decadent Hollywood film producer who bottoms out in Los Angeles, CA and loses everything. Frustrated that he continues to wake up every morning to his same failed life, he decides to leave LA to seek a new life, only to quickly realize he has taken himself with him. 
In the beginning of his trek he meets a beautiful young woman in a bar in Wyoming and has a one night affair that leads to the birth of a baby girl. 
Four years later he discovers that he is the father of a 3 year old daughter who is enduring the living hell of abuse, neglect, and poverty; raising her younger siblings on her own. 
Accepting his new calling to do whatever it takes to rescue his daughter; his journey leads him to cry out to God and clean up in the process. Together, they discover the meaning of sacrifice, the love of a Father and God's sovereignty in the midst of brokenness as they save each other through His faithfulness while at the same time the Lord uses them to encourage other fathers to do likewise.